Brittany Paige Interior Design

About Us

Your home is where your fondest memories are made, so we begin by spending time with each new client to learn about the things they and their family members value the most.  Then we decorate a home they will find warm, inviting, peaceful, and engaging, by incorporating those values into their personal and shared spaces.

Why We Are The Right Interior Design Firm

Choosing an Interior Designer can be a daunting task for many people, so they put it off until they have to admit they need professional help. The first reason people often give for not calling an Interior Designer is that they only have a vague idea of what they want their home or office to look like, and they believe they need to know exactly what they want before making the call.  The second reason they give is the fear of the unknown...the cost.  If either of these reasons have prevented you from calling a Design Firm, call us.  We love the challenge of taking your ideas and bringing them to life, and doing so within your budget. 

Current Deals

Color Consultation - $150

Initial Design Consultation


"I had no idea that I needed an interior designer until we bought our home in Florida and had to find a way to decorate it in such a short time frame and from so far away. Brittany Paige is an amazing decorator. She is patient and genuine. Our home is beyond beautiful and we couldn't have done it without Brittany and her team. Thank you." 

Sharron B